Thursday, March 10, 2011

Amor Vincit Omnia... Love Conquers All.

Earlier tonight I was browsing facebook, and came across a music video my high school history teacher had posted on his page.  His reasoning for posting the link to the video? Absolutely heartwrenching.  So I hit play, and was treated to one of the most romantic songs I’ve heard in a long time.  Henceforth, a list of my top 10 love songs, in no particular order.

1. Marry Me- Train
    With lyrics like “Forever can never be long enough for me / To feel like I’ve had long enough with you... / Marry me / Today and every day... / You wear white and I’ll wear out the words I love you”- how can even the most grinchiest of hearts not grow a few sizes too large? This is romantic simplicity at its absolute best.

2. Wonderful Tonight- Eric Clapton
    This song, in every syllable of its being, is about truly loving the person you are with, loving them for who they are and being proud of who they are. How much better can that kind of love get?

3. At Last- Etta James
    The Obamas danced to Beyonce’s rendition of Etta James’ “At Last” at one of the inagural balls they attended, and countless numbers of couples have used this timeless classic as the song for their first dance.  Etta’s smooth, soulful voice drips with love as she sings of a love found, at last.

4. Amazed- Lonestar
    Now don’t get me wrong- it isn’t that I dislike country music, but it isn’t really my favorite genre.  However, there are a few exceptions, one of which is “Amazed” by Lonestar.  This song is the perfect example of loving someone so much that it almost hurts.

5. Fix You- Coldplay
    I often listen to this song when I’m having the absolute worst of days, when nothing seems to be going my way- and then I listen to Chris Martin sing “Lights will guide you home / And ignite your bones / And I will try to fix you”.  And then I feel better.  I’d feel even better if there were someone for me to actually go home to, but that’s another story for another post.

6. My Heart Will Go On- Celine Dion
    Yes, it is far overplayed and so unbelievably cheesy, but so damn classically romantic. The music only helps, not to mention the fact that the song plays during one of my favorite moments in the film Titanic.  Seriously, what other song would you want played while you were standing on the front of an ocean liner with your soul mate behind you, arms outstretched, wind blowing in your hair... Ok, I think you get my point.

7. Wonderwall- Oasis
    The lyrics are kind of non-sensical (what exactly is a wonderwall?) and the lead singer of Oasis is an absolute raving lunatic, but come on, “Maybe / Your gonna be the one to save me / And after all, your my wonderwall”... that's the kind of love everyone wants to find and hold on to.

8. Breathe- Faith Hill
    Funny that I mentioned that I didn’t like country music, yet here’s another... “There’s nothing left to prove... / Baby, isn’t that the way that love’s supposed to be?” Oh Faith Hill.  You remind us that no matter how high the walls are that we build after we cut the jerks out of our lives that they can always come tumbling down when the right one comes along.
[*Another Faith Hill song that I find romantic is “There You’ll Be”, but it it is sad.  And currently I’m trying to avoid the sad love songs because my love life is currently quite sad and I don’t want to remind myself of that.  Oh wait, I just did.]

9. Halo- Beyonce
    Speaking of walls that are tumbling down, Beyonce’s “Halo” is quite a touching song when you just look at some of the lyrics. A good friend of mine (who I’ve sort of grown apart from) once said to me that he felt like he was my guardian angel... angels have “halos”... get it? Ok. Well anyway... We tend to build walls around ourselves, thick, steel-reinforced-concrete walls that can withstand just about anything save for atomic destruction.  It takes someone special to be able to break through those walls- to make it feel like love is safe and good. This song, no matter how many times I listen to it, brings chills, and makes me wish that I still had my best friend in my life.

10. Just Haven’t Met You Yet- Michael Buble
    And to end on a much more uplifting note, last in this least but certainly not least is the song whose music video made you want to go grocery shopping- Michael Buble’s “Just Haven’t Met You Yet”.  I’ve always been a fan of Michael Buble’s smooth vocals, and this upbeat and catchy song lets us know that we shouldn’t give up, somewhere out there in that sometimes scary world, is the perfect person for us. And who knows, maybe, when you find them, you’ll get to dance through the aisles of a grocery store :)

This list certainly isn’t all encompassing, but these are the ten songs that stick out over and over to me when I think about the most romantic songs I’ve ever heard.  There are plenty more, but I’ll save the rest for the next rainy day.

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