Tuesday, December 27, 2011

TGIV- Thank Goodness It's Vacation

This morning (rather late afternoon, since it is vacation and that means I don't have to do anything in any amount of time), when I showered, I felt it.

It being that ugly, smoldering, waiting for the general to give the go on the assault on my body, Wegener's. 

When I breathe, my chest is tight. Right up at the top, near my sternum.  I've been wheezing a little bit- sort of funny sounding noises, especially at night.  I just feel off.  My hands, after being in agony for two days, have finally started to calm their little selves down enough so that I can resume typing and resume crocheting without wanting to amputate my digits with a butter knife.

I go for my CT tomorrow- a follow-up CT- and I'm getting nervous about what will show up.  If the CT shows nothing, that means something else is wrong (yay... NOT).  I guess the good news is that if there is something wrong, my new (knowledgeable expert of a) doctor and I can start getting paperwork rolling to have me approved for Rituxan.

Funny thing is, my doc said all he has to say to get me approved is "that I am planning on trying to get pregnant within the year".  Not that there is the remotest of possibilities there, but still.  It makes that clock tick louder and louder in my ear.  Le sigh. 

I think I'm going to put my hoodie back on (freezing again, what else is new?!) and crawl under my blankets and read.  I've had enough paperwork this morning, even though there are mountains of things to go through still piled around my house. 

Ugh. And laundry.  The Mt. Everest of my vacation.

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