Sunday, September 16, 2012


I HAVE A JOB AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately for someone else their mistake is my boon.  I'm teaching 5th grade again, which is a relief because I can use a lot of what I did last year (including my Zoo unit and Titanic unit!!)

However... there is a lot to learn in a very short amount of time.  I have some pretty terrific colleagues and I'm excited to work with them.  My class is very different this year too- all on level, compared to only having 10 on level last year.

I'm working on an owl theme (duh, I only have an entire pinterest board dedicated to education and owls), and I spent a ridiculous amount of money today between amazon, ebay, oriental trading and carson and dellosa.  I still need a few more things... namely brown butcher paper, a color ink cartridge, and more laminating pockets. Oh, and painter's tape, white posterboard, markers, snacks/bribes, silver paint, to fix my classroom printer, make a lot of photo copies, set up my routines and binders and everything and oh my god I'm so excited I'm rambling and have lost all command of English grammar with this incredibly long run on sentence that is still going!

I started doing my Literacy curriculum map last night and wow. So much work. I understand now why I struggled so much last year- I wasn't planning long term. I was planning week to week instead of unit to unit.  I'll get there eventually.


(Good thing I have the next two days off... L'Shana Tova... definitely going to be a sweet new year for me!)

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