Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day :)

In honor of Earth Day (and the fact that my edemame seeds were just delivered today), my sister and I had bonding time! Even though it is freezing outside we ate italian ices (cherry for me and chocolate for her), and then made a huge mess in the middle of my living room.  A few things had to be replanted, so she helped with that, and then we planted a few new things.

Almost everything has been growing really nicely, save for two zucchini seeds.  We moved them to new pots so hopefully that helps.

I wanted to photo blog, but realized that I couldn't when my hands were covered with soil.  So my sister used her nose to take these pictures with her phone  :)

 Zucchini being replanted. Sort of looks like Randall from Monster's Inc...

Edemame all planted!

Cucumbers are growing quite nicely!

A zucchini in a dirt clod.  Hard to imagine that this little thing grows into such a delicious vegetable.

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