Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No blogging tonight- I'm wiped out.  I subbed for the Phys Ed teacher today... it wasn't easy but I got through it and I'm pretty sure the kids had a good time. 

Anyway, all I wanted to say on this freezing cold evening is that I shall worship the inventor of the electric blanket for the rest of my life.  I haven't used an electric blanket since my senior year of high school (didn't need it in the dorms and I slept next to a space heater in my apartment) but I am EXTREMELY happy that my mom bought new ones. 

Now I can eat my espresso chip ice cream, and take my freezing-cold self straight to a warm, toasty bed.

Things to Look Forward To: (Can I abbreviate this as T2LF2? Or would that be obnoxious? )
-4th Graders say the darndest things: a list of all of the mind-boggling things I've heard 4th graders say this year
-Recap of Christmas Parties galore (including an Ugly Sweater Party!!)
-What I will be doing when my youngest sister gets home from college in a week and we have a full out war battle over who gets to stay in what was originally MY ROOM.  ahem.

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