Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Team iPhone... ???

Lots has happened since I last posted.  I keep telling myself to update my blog, and then I get busy or I forget.  Starting with last Friday...

The real feel temperature for the wedding was 112 degrees, according to  Getting the four boys ready and back to the church on time was no easy feat.  The boys looked devilishly handsome, and the bride looked stunning.  All in all successful.  Took about 150 pictures of the kids, but didn't really get the shots I wanted.  Also ended up with heat exhaustion (pre-cursor to heat stroke), and was sick from about 7pm until 9am the next morning.  I had to turn on my air conditioner downstairs (first time all summer), and slept in the AC for two nights. 

Monday the heat wave FINALLY broke- and the real feel temperature compared to Saturday was 35 degrees cooler.  It also rained, which helped settle all the dusty air that had been hanging around.  Monday was also the day that I gave up my beloved crackberry in favor of an iphone.  I'm still not sure it was the right decision, even though I do love apps.  And by love apps, I mean I downloaded 35 of them in the 6 hours following the purchase of said phone.

I'm still not used to it, which is probably why I wish I hadn't given up the blackberry:

Things I Don't Like About the iPhone Compared to my Blackberry
  • My e-mail doesn't just come through automatically, like it did on my blackberry.  E-mails push through every 15 minutes, unless I manually check for new ones.  Not crazy about this.
  • Ringtones = FAIL.  I tried making my own with Garage Band, but GB won't let me select the portion of the song I want, it just starts from the beginning and ends (randomly) at 18 seconds.
  • Sound controls leave a little bit to be desired.  It seems like you can go louder, or to vibrate.  I want the option to create my own sound controls- like I had on my blackberry.  I need to set it so that while I leave the phone on at night it will only ring if someone calls- not when I get a push notification or an e-mail or a text.
  • I miss bbm.  
  • I miss having a physical keyboard.
  • I really, really miss bbm. It was like a secret little club, with emoticons and no text limit.  Now I have no emoticons. And no "secret club".
Things I Like Better on the iPhone than I did my Blackberry
  • APPS, APPS, APPS.  I didn't have a single app on my blackberry.  This is partially because I didn't know how to get apps, and partially because my phone probably would have spontaneously combusted because it was a) old, and b) critically low on memory.
  • Better picture! The screen is bigger (duh, no keyboard), clearer, nicer.  I can actually read e-mails easily, without having to wait for anything to load or for anything to download graphics or pictures or whatnot.  Reading a forward (thanks Grandma) won't freeze my phone.
  • Sort of with the above, e-mail.  Though they don't automatically, instantly push through, it is so much easier to read them. I can also open links from e-mails easily and actually use them.  
  • My case is much prettier. Pink, of course... even though my blackberry was pink, I had a black case on it.
In other news...
Today we had a roofer come and look at our roof. We can't do anything downstairs until the roof is fixed.  But the roof can't be fixed. So this is an issue.  I suppose that is what we get for living in a depression-era house that was built like crap.  Basically, the entire roof needs to be replaced, the side of the house needs to be torn off and put back on, and the entire house needs to be re-bricked.  Aka, DISASTER ZONE.  So that's where we are today.  I would like to go to the beach, but no one else in my house is going... wah.

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