Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shamless Plug!

Everyone! My best friend's lover boy has a new album out on itunes- Worth Holding On To - Jeff LeBlanc... he really is awesome, go take a listen, especially if you like easy listening and good vocals. 

While I was in college, I was co-chair of our Activities Board.  Every semester, we would go to a conference called NACA, and it was all about programming and meeting and listening to musical artists, comedians, motivational speakers and getting lots of free swag. 

I missed NACA my junior year because I was in the hospital, pre-Wegener's diagnosis.  My friend bff went in my place, and that is where she met Jeff! Fate, I tell you. So yeah, just go to itunes now, click in the search box, type Jeff LeBlanc and download away!

In other news, I'm still craving Japanese food, and I think the kids got me sick yesterday. I absolutely jinxed myself too- I said about a week ago that I haven't gotten sick in months.  Now I have to dig out the dreaded Bactrim and hope that I had enough left from when I stopped taking them to knock whatever is in my system out.

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