Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dear, sweet friend of mine... watch over us.

This morning, when I sat down at my computer with my coffee and my bagel, I intended on catching up on some silly facebook games and e-mails.

Instead, what I found was something that broke my heart.

Last night, a friend of mine (whose name I shall not write) passed away due to complications from a form of vasculitis. She never even knew what she had- because her doctors were far too stubborn to consult with a specialist (much like another doctor I know). Her untimely death comes as a shock, and my heart aches and grieves for her and her family.  She is the first person I know to pass away from vasculitis, and her passing is a sobering reminder of the life-threatening disease that none of us ever asked for... may we all continue to see another day with the reminder of our friend in our hearts.

She would have been celebrating her 26th birthday this February. 25 years young, and taken from this earth.  My friend was nothing less than graceful in all that she did, what she wrote, what she said, and her compassion towards others was something to be admired and respected.  She was always our booster girl, our cheerleader... she vented when she needed to, but always saw the silver lining, always saw the glass as half-full.

Though we never met in person, we talked many times about the difficulties that we face in our lives because of our illnesses.  She was the light we all wished we could share with the world.

Today I wish that she were still here to share that light with the rest of you.  Her beautiful spirit will live on in every life that she touched.

Rest in eternal, pain-free rest my dear friend.

It always seems that those who bring the most light to the world are taken from us too soon.  Not a day will go by that I don't think of my father, my cousin, and my friend. May they give me the strength and courage I need to survive each of these dark days.

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  1. She was taken far too soon, but I think we are all better people for having known her than we were before.