Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wannabe farmer!

I am rapidly approaching my quarter life crisis... and in order to fully avoid any of the introspection that will happen with said crisis, here I am.

I'm growing things.

I've never successfully kept a plant alive (not even a cactus), so we will see how well this goes.  I eat so much produce during the summer that I figured I might as well try to grow some of my own stuff.  The tricky part is that everything will be growing in containers in the backyard- I can't plant in the front because of all the hundreds of tulip and daffodil and iris bulbs.  

A quick trip to Home Depot sent me home with 6 huge bags of potting soil, 50 seed starters, 4 packs of seeds and some plastic containers.  I have a few more plants in the works, but I'm waiting on seeds.  Sunday (4/14) was such a nice day Mom and I took our projects outside to work on them.  She's restoring an antique table, and I'm being hungry.

In go the bush beans!

The round containers have marigolds, I am thinking about growing cherry tomatoes (not that I eat them), so I figured I'd start the marigolds since I won't be growing the tomatoes from seeds.  Ain't nobody (read: me) got the patience for that.

As of Wednesday (4/17).... We have a sprout! Bush beans are loving their little squares and are coming along quite nicely.  Still no sign of the cucumbers or zucchini...

I seriously hope that this works.  I am so discouraged by all this Monsanto and GMO nonsense that I want to eat my own vegetables that aren't covered in pesticides or wax.  I've been doing plenty of googling to make sure I'm giving these seeds what they need.  I am even talking to them... Next up to be planted are the edemamme seeds.  The next warm day that we have I will be scrubbing and bleaching this potted bench thing that my mom brought home for me.  It was in my uncle's backyard and needs a serious wash.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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  1. Good for you! I've thought about doing the same--you are an inspiration!