Saturday, April 20, 2013

Book Challenge #3

Book Challenge #3

Every year I issue myself a challenge to find some excellent novels and then put them in one massive list on this blog that no one reads!  As always a huge nod to my best friend and her Kindle account.  Thanks Liv!!! :)

Another huge nod to another friend who gave me two new book recommendations today (in addition to Game of Thrones).  Before I read one of them I need to re-read The Alienist by Caleb Carr (phenomenal story, I highly recommend it).

Here's the first bit.

Currently Reading:
Game of Thrones by George Martin ( This came highly recommended, I hope it lives up to its potential!)


  1. The Fault in Our Stars- John Green (Holy baby Jesus, what a fantastic novel. I definitely need to read more John Green.)
  2. Sad Desk Salad- Jessica Grose (decent chick lit.)
  3. The Runaway Princess- Hester Browne (Princess Diaries for the generation that grew up with the original Princess Diaries, decent chick lit.)
  4. Messy- Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan  (bad chick lit.)
  5. Spoiled- Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan  (bad chick lit.)
  6. Hopeless- Colleen Hoover (Features the best non-first kiss scene ever written.)
  7. The Secret Life of Bees- Sue Monk Kidd (Most excellent.)
  8. Annabel- Lauren Oliver- (Novella in the Delirium series)
  9. Free Four- Veronica Roth (Novella in the Divergent series)
  10. Struck by Lightning- Chris Colfer (The ending sucked.  I understand that this is a screenplay turned novella, but my god, what is with writers these days taking the easy way out of ending a novel?)
  11. Thirteen Reasons Why- Jay Asher (Way creepy. Kinda freaked me out.)
  12. School of Fortune- Amanda Brown and Janice Weber (A long piece of semi-decent chick lit)
  13. I've Got Your Number- Sophie Kinsella (I love Sophie Kinsella. So much fun to read)
  14. From Notting Hill with Love Actually- Ali McNamara (Cute chick lit)
  15. Reached- Alli Condi  (I had high hopes for this conclusion novel of the Matched trilogy... but it fell short.  Way, way, WAY short.)
  16. Southern Charm- Tinsley Mortimer (Cute chick lit)
  17. What's Your Number- Karyn Bosnak (bad chick lit)
  18. Hana- Lauren Oliver
  19. Pandemonium- Lauren Oliver
  20. Delirium- Lauren Oliver
  21. Requiem- Lauren Oliver (The end of this trilogy was a COPOUT and I DEMAND a better ending.  That is all.)
  22. The Host- Stephanie Meyer (Definitely more interesting than Twilight.  Not sure if I really loved it, but it made me think a little and that's always a good thing.)
  23. Star Island- Carl Hiaasen- (mindless chick lit.)
  24. Cum Laude- Cecily von Ziegesar (I have no idea what this book was supposed to be about.  Too many characters, not enough character development, so cliche, and the plot sucked.)
  25. Warm Bodies- Isaac Marion (Um, I didn't know this was about zombies. I read it anyway, but seriously, who thinks up this stuff???)
  26. Here I Go Again- Jen Lancaster (chick lit.)

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  1. I just finished "Here I Go Again" and thought it was decent. A little different for Jen Lancaster but that's fine.